Week 1 - Welcome to IDS

Get acquainted with the course, the technology, and the skills you will acquire throughout the semester :toolbox:


Lec 01 Welcome to Data Science!
Lab 01 Hello R! Due: Fri, 20 Sep, 17:00
Lec 02 Meet the toolkit
HW 01 Airbnb listings in Edinburgh Due: Wed, 25 Sep, 17:00
RT 01 Data Visualization Basics
OQ 01 Syllabus, data frames, and plotting Due: Fri, 27 Sep, 17:00


📖 R4DS: Chp 2, Introduction Required
📖 OS: Chp 1, Sec 1.1 and 1.2 Required
📄 How to read an R help page Required
📄 rOpenSci’s Reproducibility Guide Optional
📄 1,500 scientists lift the lid on reproducibility Optional
🖋 How R changed me as an analyst Optional


🔘 Take survey: Getting to know you Due: Wed, 18 Sep, 20:00
💬 Sign up: Piazza
📄 Read: Syllabus


This week’s assignments will not be marked, they are provided as practice and to help you get acquainted with the material without the pressure of grades. Formative feedback will be provided. Even though there is no penalty for not completing them, you are urged to complete them so that you are prepared for next week and beyond.