Week 2 - Data visualization

Visaualize data, interpret visualizations πŸ“Š


Lec 03 Fundamentals of data and data visualization
Lab 02 Plastic waste Due: Fri, 27 Sep, 17:00
Lec 04 Building plots for various data types
HW 02 Bike crashes Due: Wed, 2 Oct, 17:00
RT 02 Interactive tutorial covering week’s material
OQ 02 Data visualization Due: Sat, 5 Oct, 17:00


πŸ“„ Look at data Required
πŸ“– R4DS: Chp 3, Data Visualization Required
πŸ“„ Make a plot Optional
πŸ“„ Drowning in plastic - Visualising the world’s addiction to plastic bottles Optional
πŸ–‹ Sleep Schedule, From the Inconsistent Teenage Years to Retirement Optional